The Pin Mill Society was formed in 1964 as the Pin Mill Preservation Society by a group of people keen to ensure that Pin Mill was protected from any developments that would threaten to destroy the unique character of the waterside hamlet. The success of the Society over the years is evident by the fact that Pin Mill remains a haven for artists, sailors, walkers and anyone who enjoys the peace, tranquillity and beautiful vistas of our unique riverside setting. Pin Mill is a special place for children and families to come and enjoy time on the common or to play on the edge of the foreshore. Pin Mill is fortunate to have good boatyard facilities, a sailing club, the Studio and the historic Butt & Oyster pub. These businesses make Pin Mill a vibrant and exiting place that both locals and visitors can enjoy.

The Society has been a key player in a number of projects over the years including producing the Pin Mill Booklet. The two most significant achievements have been in raising the funds to contribute to the cost of removing the overhead cabling,placing the electric and telephone cables underground and alsogetting theabandoned derelict hulks, which were obstructing access to the foreshore, removed.

The Pin Mill Society lobbied Babergh District Council to set up a task group to tackle the on-going problem of the dumping of wrecks on the foreshore. The Pin Mill Task Group included representatives from Pin Mill, Chelmondiston Parish Council, Barbergh Councillors and officers, the National Trust and Suffolk Coast and Heaths. After many years of debate and discussion the Task Group established the new Pin Mill Bay Management Community Interest Company (PMBMCIC). A representative from the Pin Mill Society is a member of the company.

While the PMBMCIC was being established the work of the society was not very active, partly because we wanted to see how the new company would work and whether there would be overlap with the work of the Society. It is now clear that the work of the PMBMCIC is focussed on the Hard and its related marine activities and as the Society is interested in all of Pin Mill there is still a need for the Society. We are now looking to become more active, increase our membership and involve residents of both Pin Mill and Chelmondiston. We will also welcome non-local members.